Communication / Presentation Skills

Signature Storytelling


“The choice for leaders in business and organisations is not whether to be involved in storytelling – they can hardly do otherwise – but whether to use storytelling unwittingly and clumsily – or intelligently and skilfully. Management fads may come and go, but storytelling is fundamental to all nations, societies, and cultures and has been since time immemorial ”

¬†Stephen Denning ‘The Leader’s guide to Storytelling’

Professional Presence

Based upon the actor's discipline of effective, engaging, and heightened communication, the arts-based approach, focuses on the person as a communicator addressing voice, body, heart, spirit, imagination, and emotion. Participants develop their natural ability to express feeling, inspire others, and build trust among teams.

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Executive Coaching

The Coaching will take place at the Chateau de Malerargues, in the south of France. This course is a tailor-made programme to address the specific needs of each individual. The course includes voice work, communications skills, story-telling and several photographic and video sessions.

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River of Life

Choosing and rehearsing personal stories for use in a business context is an important aspect of presentation work. An audience want to know something of who the presenter is, before they will give their full attention to the the message the speaker wishes to impart.

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