River of Life

The Art of Presentation through Storytelling

Choosing and rehearsing personal ‘signature’ stories for use in a business context is an important aspect of presentation work.   An audience want to know something of who the presenter is, before they will give their full attention to the message the speaker wishes to impart. However it is important that stories are told in an engaging way.

Telling the Compelling Story


Telling the Compelling Story teaches the art of inspirational presentation through storytelling. Effective leaders need to be able to inspire and motivate. There are times when storytelling is the most effective and efficient way of making a point or confronting a difficult situation. Participants learn how to construct a succinct and powerful story and master the skills necessary for delivering appropriate and compelling messages. In this workshop the participant will draw a river of their life marking out the key moments, events and people that have influenced the direction their lives. From this ‘life river’,  three personal stories will be worked on and rehearsed, which can subsequently be used in a presentation context.

This program focuses on (1) Small group work with 1-on-1 coaching and feedback and (2) physical and vocal presence.

Benefits: Some of the benefits include:

  • The ability to create and collect personal leadership stories
  • The ability to deliver a story that inspires and motivates others